[csaa-forum] CFP: Maps should be made of things - a workshop

Deirdre McKay deirdre.mckay at anu.edu.au
Wed Apr 27 15:04:53 CST 2005


*/ /*

*The Department of Human Geography *

*Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies*

*Australian National University *

* invites you to a workshop *

* *

*/'Maps should be made of things': /*

*/Deleuze and the geography of complexity/*


*Old Canberra House*

  *The Australian National University *

  *May 30 - June 1 2005 *


What do Deleuze and Guattari mean when they say 'maps should be made'? 
This workshop will introduce graduate scholars and academics to some of 
Deleuze and Guattari's key terms, trying to give their often obtuse and 
abstruse thinking a practical edge.  If you are curious about the ways 
complexity theory and Deleuze might allow you to develop your own 
research arguments, this workshop is for you. 

Paper presentations will be short (@ 20 minutes) and should introduce 
speaker's research interests, but do not have to be about Deleuze and 
Guattari, as such. Speakers should raise a series of research-based 
questions that they hope could be engaged by complexity theory. The 
workshop will provide a supportive and collegial atmosphere to explore 
the intersection between theory and empirics.

The keynote speaker will be Ian Buchanan, Professor of Communcation and 
Cultural Studies at Charles Darwin University, the author of 
*Deleuzism:  a Metacommentary* (Duke, 2000) and the forthcoming 
*Practical Deleuzism*.

*Workshop structure*:

May 30  - lecture/seminar presentations by Prof. Buchanan, intended to 
introduce scholars new to Deleuze and Guattari to their work

May 31/June 1 - interdisciplinary 'work-in-progress' seminar, 
participants to present their research and their questions on complexity 
theory for general dicussion

Preparatory readings (all chapters from *A Thousand Plateaus*)

Ø      Geology of Morals

Ø      On several regimes of signs

Ø      Of the refrain

Ø      Zero year: facility

Places in the workshop are limited and will fill on a first-come, 
first-served basis.  Please send expressions of interest with a paper 
title and an overview of c. 300 words to Deirdre.McKay at anu.edu.au 
<mailto:Richard.Eves at anu.edu.au>  <mailto:Jodi.Parvey at anu.edu.au> by May 
7, 2005.

We will confirm participation on a rolling basis until May 15, 2005, 
then provide further information on the workshop program.  Registration 
fees ($ 25/day for academics; $ 15/day for graduate students) will cover 
the costs of catering teas and sandwich lunches. Scholars from outside 
the ACT will need to arrange their own accommodation.

Please feel free to pass this invitation on to interested students and 






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