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The Discourse Theory Summer School is gaining a reputation for challenging
and extending the ontological and epistemological basis upon which we
describe, explain, interpret, understand, and prescribe for social,
economic, and political affairs.  The enrolment fees are very reasonable,
particularly for postgraduates. As far as I am aware there is no other
university in Australasia that provides this advanced learning forum for
academics and postgraduates in the form of a summer school.

An online enrolment facility went live 10 days ago, and places are filling
up in the summer school. 'Psychoanalysis and Discourse Theory', which is a
new course that has been added to the summer school, is nearly full already;
so, if you know particular people who may be interested in this one-week
course, please let them know so they won't be disappointed.


Discourse Theory Summer School

The Third Annual Discourse Theory Summer School will be held at Victoria
University of Wellington, New Zealand between 21 November and 9 December

This summer school will provide an advanced learning forum for practitioners
and researchers in the public and private sectors, as well as academic staff
and postgraduates interested in the theory and practice of discourse. The
school will draw upon phenomenology, post-analytic philosophy,
post-structuralism, and psychoanalysis.

The three one-week courses are independent of each other, so you are invited
to enrol in any combination:

Week 1 Introduction to Discourse Theory (21-25 Nov), Dr Alejandro Groppo,
Universidad Nacional de Villa Maria & Universidad Católica, de Cordoba,

Week 2 Psychoanalysis & Discourse Theory (28 Nov-2 Dec), Dr Yannis
Stavrakakis, Essex University, England
Week 3 Critical Theory & Discourse Theory (5-9 Dec), Dr Mark Devenney,
Brighton University, England

For more details, including course outlines, cost & online enrolment, go to:
http://www.vuw.ac.nz/conted/discoursetheory or contact:

Peter Kitchenman, Convenor, ph. +64 4 463 9488 or email
peter.kitchenman at vuw.ac.nz

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