[csaa-forum] CFP: Lowrider publication and happening

Glen Fuller g.fuller at uws.edu.au
Thu Apr 7 00:51:01 CST 2005

Call For Submissions: The Culture and Architecture of Low Riders

Scholars, designers and artists are invited to submit papers to be part 
of an edited volume dealing with the culture of low riders and their 
interaction with the built environment. The University Honors Program 
and School of Architecture at the University of New Mexico and the 
School of Architecture at Clemson University are working in conjunction 
with the National Hispanic Cultural Center to produce a peer-reviewed 
text and public symposium that captures the dynamic nature of low 
riders within both the automotive context and in society at large. 
Submissions of 2500 to 5000 words in length are invited from across the 
disciplines, but a special emphasis will be given to works that are 
visual in nature or include visual components (such as designs, photo-
essays and the like).

The deadline for submissions is 15 June 2005. The volume is slated for 
publication in early 2006. Select authors will be invited to 
participate in multi-day, public symposium on low riders during the 
spring/summer of 2006 on the campus of the National Hispanic Cultural 
Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
For more information, contact Professor Troy Lovata at lovata at unm.edu 
or Professor Tim Castillo at timc at unm.edu. 

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