[csaa-forum] CHASS: advice wanted on Policy, Board Members

Toss Gascoigne director at chass.org.au
Tue Mar 29 16:41:29 CST 2005

Dear csaa-forum

We have just asked all our Member Organisations for advice on two matters:

1.  A draft policy statement from CHASS has been put up on our web site.
All Member Organisations are invited to comment.

Comments should be sent to CHASS by the end of April, at:
director at chass.org.au

2. CHASS will elect a new Board in August.  The CHASS Search Committee will
put forward a list of candidates to the AGM.

All Member Organisations are invited to forward the names of suggested
candidates, together with a three-sentence rationale. These will be
considered by the Search Committee when it meets next week.

Most of the current Board Members have indicated their willingness to serve
another term, with perhaps 2 or 3 stepping down.

Suggestions should be sent to CHASS by Wednesday April 6, at:
director at chass.org.au


Toss Gascoigne

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