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Lelia GREEN l.green at ecu.edu.au
Thu Mar 24 16:45:02 CST 2005

Dear CSAA,
Please find embedded a Call for Papers for Media International Australia incorporating Culture and Policy (for publication February 2006).
Call for Papers

February 2006 issue


Creativity and practice-led research

Theme editors: Lelia Green and Brad Haseman


Research through practice raises a range of methodological issues which tend to be referred to as one of a cluster of terms: practice as research, practice-based research, creative practice as research, performance as research, research through practice, practice as research in performance and practice-led research. These approaches to research have been common in the creative arts for some time but increasingly they are being used across the creative industries where applied commercial research, and research focused on end-users, is seen as an integral part of the innovation system. Digital technologies are particularly potent in enabling research and development across sectors concerned with creative production and cultural consumption and so, as a consequence, practice-led research moves beyond the creative industries to shape online education, virtual heritage, creative retail, cultural tourism and business-to-consumer applications.


This issue focuses on issues raised by recognising the research in creative outputs and seeks theoretical and comparative papers from Australia and overseas, together with applied case studies and examples of practice-led research. For example:

*	How is theory built and understood in practice-led research? 
*	How might research in creative and performing arts contexts be recognised and evaluated? 
*	How are epistemological formulations being unsettled through practice-led research? 

Case study approaches might include:

*	the work of new media and dance artists helping to design new gesturally-controlled interfaces for people experiencing disability; 
*	creative production systems which apply across the creative industries and give rise to product innovation from television formats to fashion design and cutting; 
*	digitising historic sites to create virtual museums, while preserving the actual sites for future generations; 
*	designing online counselling tools with a specific eye to the poetics of the site. 

250 word abstracts should be sent to the theme editors by June 1 2005:

Lelia Green: l.green at ecu.edu.au <mailto:l.green at ecu.edu.au> 

Brad Haseman: b.haseman at qut.edu.au <mailto:b.haseman at qut.edu.au>   


Full papers will be required for refereeing by August 1, with any necessary revisions completed prior to November 1 2005.

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