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liz jacka liz.jacka at uts.edu.au
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Dear CSSA members

This is a call for papers for a december conference on Australian TV 

Liz  Jacka



December 8 – 10 2005

At the Powerhouse Museum (December 8-9) and UTS (December 10)

UTS and the Powerhouse Museum are convening a three-day conference that 
will examine aspects of the history of television in Australia. This 
conference is held in conjunction with the Australian Television 
History Project being conducted by UTS and with the opening of an 
exhibition by the Powerhouse on the history of Australian television to 
mark the 50th anniversary of the beginning of television broadcasting 
in Australia.

The Powerhouse Museum’s exhibition is designed for a general audience 
and examines aspects of the history of television in Australia through 
the presentation of artifacts and audiovisual material. It looks at 
life before and after television, but is thematic rather than 
chronological in its focus. These themes include:

•	The genres of television
•	National Identity
•	Television and memory
•	Images of sexuality
•	Technology
•	Event television
•	Censorship and classification
•	Unpacking the credits – how television is made
•	Multicultural and indigenous television

The Australian Television History project is exploring how Australian 
television was introduced, how it developed and gives appropriate 
emphasis to the place of commercial television.

The partners in this project are UTS, Screen Sound Australia, the 
Centre for the Moving Image and Currency House.

The Conference is designed to complement the Exhibition and to bring 
scholarly reflection to this important public discourse on the impact 
of television on Australian society over the last 50 years.

Papers are invited which explore Australian television in an historical 

We expect to produce a publication from the conference papers.

Please contact Liz Jacka, Chief Investigator, Australian Television 
History Project
e-mail: liz.jacka at uts.edu.au
Phone: 02 9558 9718 (h)

UTS CRICOS Provider Code:  00099F
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