[csaa-forum] CHASS: the Nelson speech

Toss Gascoigne director at chass.org.au
Sun Mar 13 18:29:41 CST 2005

Dear csaa-forum

Brendan Nelson made a stirring speech at the National Press Club last week.
Here's a sample:

"We need to make sure that humanities and social sciences are considered to
be no less important in building our future ... Because in the end, if all
of the scientific problems of life were ever solved, in an applied sense,
the most important questions would remain unanswered."

The full transcript is on our web site:  www.chass.org.au


Should research grants be given on the basis of papers and citations - or
are there better and fairer ways of measuring quality and impact of research
in the humanities, arts and social sciences?

CHASS is undertaking a major study on this issue, and you have until March
31 to contribute.  We need your views on the 5 Big Questions.  They're
posted on the CHASS website.


Toss Gascoigne

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