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Transformations New Issue	Media Communities: Local Voices

Transformations announces the publication of Issue No. 10:  Media 
Communities: Local Voices. This issue, edited by Susan Forde, Michael 
Meadows, and Kerri Foxwell, explores the emergence of new media 
communities within and resistant to mainstream media formats.

The editors write: 'It is this international 'explosion' of community 
media that this special issue of Transformations builds on. Drawing 
on work from the United States , Australia , Britain , Greece and 
Africa , this special issue suggests that the community media 
initiatives occurring around the world represent a real change in the 
way media outlets report news and communicate with their audiences'.

Issues covered include ethnic and leftist action media groups, 
community radio in the US, the IndyMedia movement, environmental and 
grassroots media networks and sub-Sahara African media communities.

Access to this issue at: http://transformations.cqu.edu.au/index.shtml

Enquiries can be made to the editor of Transformations, Warwick Mules 
at w.mules at cqu.edu.au

Dr. Warwick Mules				Editor Transformations
Cultural Studies, 
Humanities, Central Queensland University
Bundaberg Campus,				email: w.mules at cqu.edu.au
Locked Bag 3333 DC				phone: 0741 507142
Bundaberg, Queensland,			mobile: 04122 92541
Australia  4670				fax:   0741 507080
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