[csaa-forum] Your favourite theorist

Alan McKee a.mckee at qut.edu.au
Wed Feb 16 08:42:41 CST 2005

>Hello everybody,

I'm currently researching fan cultures for a book chapter. I'm focusing on 
the fan cultures that exist around favoured academic theorists. I posted 
some questions about this on the list last year - but I thought I'd re-post 
them now to give any new CSAA members a chance to respond. All 
information/suggestions/kindly advice will be gratefully received.



1. Who is your favourite theorist(s)?
2. What do you particularly like about their work? (style of writing, style
of argument, ideas, something else entirely?)
3. Have you ever met them in person? Would you want to? Why/not?
4. Have you ever read their work simply for pleasure - not as research for a
particular piece of writing you were working on?
5. In what ways do you think your fandom differs from fandom of popular
cultural texts?
6. In what ways do you think it is similar?
7. When did you 'discover' your favoured theorist and what effect did it
have on you?
8. Are you conscious of any emotional response to their work?

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