[csaa-forum] re: Brophy's fashion sense

Adrian Martin adrianmartin90 at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 11 16:21:00 CST 2005

Jonathan, I believe the most collegiate thing either of us could have done 
by now is to have actually provided the URL of Philip Brophy's website:


... and now that I look through it, I can answer Mel C's initial query: yes, 
the lecture you mention on fashion does indeed have a page there, but it is 
just a tantalising list of points and headings - those bits of paper you saw 
him stuffing in and out of his pockets! There are plenty of other texts on 
many diverse topics on the site, however.

While in a collegiate mood, I also recommend everyone to read Jonathan's 
excellent piece on Michael Kantor in the performance pages of the new 
REALTIME issue (no. 65)!


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