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Out of Time: Theorizations of Culture and the Political
Featuring Keynote Speakers Michael Hardt and Mary Ann Doane

October 20-22, 2005 at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Organized by The Collective for Critical Practices, a group of graduate
students in the Department of Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature

This conference is concerned with what it might mean to be "out of time"
and its implications and applications for our present moment.  Our
Collective approaches "out of time" as a sense of urgency, a potential
that emerges out of "presentness," and a transformation of earlier
assumptions of temporality.  Today, urgency and the potential of the
present have been elevated by the presumed waning of modernist notions of
history and complex shifts in the relations of production.  We are out of

This problematic is being taken up in a myriad of provocative ways within
both academic and non-academic spheres of production from philosophy to
literature to film to political activism. In The Emergence of Cinematic
Time, Mary Ann Doane explores the intersections between temporality,
modernity, the archive and cinema. Michael Hardt's work conceptualizes the
reorganization of production and temporality in the era of globalization.

The Collective for Critical Practices in conjunction with the Cultural
Studies and Comparative Literature Film Society at the University of
Minnesota invite submissions for our Fall 2005 conference dedicated to the
theme "out of time."  Our first priority is to consider a multiplicity of
viewpoints that explore, challenge, contest and engage in current
theoretical debates on this issue.  Further, we encourage collaborative
works and cultural productions (e.g. photo-essays, web art, live art, and
film/video pieces) in addition to traditional essay presentations.  Our
commitment is to open our collective to intellectual and creative producers
that are critically and rigorously involved in the urgent task of thinking
"out of time," regardless of academic or artistic distinction.

Potential topics might include (but are not limited to) the following:

• Transformations of wage time
• Time and national memorialization
• The cinematic event
• Science fictions of empire
• Temporalities of technology
• Ontology and history
• Wasting and spending time
• Narrativizations of time
• Nostalgia and utopia
• Emergence and becoming
• Bodies in time
• Potential, hope, and the future
• Rest and inertia
• Trauma, memory, repetition
• Space(s) without time
• Time in exile
• Temporality and subjectivity
• Public/private time

Abstracts of 500 words and a brief c.v., as well as panel proposals (which
should include individual abstracts), and any questions or comments should
be submitted to:
critprac at tc.umn.edu
Abstracts due: July 31, 2005

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