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re: fashion/clothing + recommendations (Adrian Martin) --- Brophy's
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Dear Adrian & colleagues

I would of course never wish to downplay M. Brophy's extensive and
impressive publication CV. I have myself found his work on horror cinema
referred to as widely afield as in the history of 19th cent popular
working class French theatre.

My comment was simply intended to reflect that if the initial poster of
this inquiry had heard Phil speaking in Melbourne at a public lecture
forum outside of Phil's RMIT teaching in the last few yrs, there was a
very good chance that THIS paper would have been published in Cinesonic.
Most of Phil's Cinesonice oral presentations are, indeed published
there, as Im sure Adrian would concede (Adrian's own work is happily
represented there too, though I would never suggest this covers the full
extent of M. Martin's work, either).

Adrian is however entirely correct to point out that Phil's full
publication list is far more extensive than this. If the orginal poster
is drawing on some source OTHER than a public forum occuring within
Melbourne in the last few years (or indeed an ACMI lecture, say), then
one would have to look elsewhere. This was not my impression of the
original querry though! In the interests of collegiate fraternity
however, I will not dwell on the matter.

;) JM

Adrian Martin wrote that:

"Jonathan Marshall wrote:
'I cant speak for what our friend Brophy was drawing on. Most of his
essays are published in the Cinesonic papers'

"Jonathan, what bibliographic disinformation!! The CINESONIC conference 
happened 4 times and produced 3 books. Philip Brophy has one long essay
each volume (as do some others of us). This amounts to a grand total of
major essays out of the several hundred Philip has written since the
1970s! 'Most of his papers', indeed!"


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