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Melissa Gregg m.gregg at uq.edu.au
Thu Jan 13 08:05:30 CST 2005


1.Teaching load:
For year: 190 hours
For semester: 95 hours
For week: 6 hours

2.The nature of courses:
Obligatory courses which students MUST attend:
monograph lecture for third year students, preferably in Australian 
Cultural Studies Criticism;
interactive course for the fifth year students, preferably general 
issues of Australian Culture.
Electives, and it is crucial to propose two courses because the one 
presented may be not interesting enough for the students:
interactive courses for the second and third year students, preferably 
general issues of Australian Cultural Studies.

N.B. The total number of courses that will be taught is five

Please take note that our department is a part of the International and 
Political Studies Faculty. We deal here with students who are 
interested in civilisational and cultural issues. They are not 
traditional English Department students. Their command of English is 
exemplary. It would be nice to present films and other audio-visual 
materials. Our Library resources are limited, though we share 
accommodation with the British Council Library.

3.Travel to Poland and in Poland
The University is not in the position to cover your travel to Poland. 
We will meet
you at the airport

4.The monthly salary: 4.275 PLN (about 1.221,50 USD)
This amount will be decreaed by 18% [770,00 PLN (about 220 USD) per 
month] which is to cover full health insurance.

4.275 PLN - 770,00 PLN = 3.505 PLN (1001 USD)


The price of accommodation for the University of £ódŸ ranges about 
350-400 PLN per month and is paid by the employee concerned. The 
accommodation is provided by the University.


-Letter (application) to the Rector of the University of £ódŸ 
(Professor Wies³aw Pus, Rector of the University of £ódŸ, 65 
Narutowicza Street, 91-131 £ódŸ, POLAND);
-Curriculum Vitae;
-Courses description;
- Two references.;
-The copy of diploma;
-The list of publications;
-General syllabi for the courses to be taught in the winter semester 
(also to be advertized for the students).

Further enquiries:

Michael Goddard
Visiting Professor of Australian Cultural Studies
Department of British and Commonwealth Studies
Uniwersytet Lodzki
Tel: +48-42-656-1376 (h)
       +48-42-633-7127 (w)
email: goddardmichael at hotmail.com
         godardmichale at hotmail.com

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