[csaa-forum] andrew bolt

Dr Kenneth C. Staples drkensta at tpg.com.au
Sat Dec 4 04:31:44 CST 2004

kiley gaffney wrote:

> I for one am humbled by andrew bolt's continual ability to hit the 
> nail on the head. Any god-fearing australian, and there seems to be a 
> lot of them, has every right to be concerned about the money being 
> spent on academic research when we (the australian people represented 
> by the liberal government) could be spending it on the better things 
> that we seem to like spending it on.
> I for one rest easier at night knowing that howard is at the helm and 
> his cronies like bolt are re-educating me on how things work best. 
> Fuck education, let's fight wars!
> kiley
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> Probably like most people, especially polititions, who want to fight 
> wars, you are the one who stays at home and holds the coats, and does 
> the cheering.  I say people who declare war should be automatically 
> put in the front line.  In that way we may quickly get rid of them and 
> give ourselves a chance at peace.

    Ken Staples

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