[csaa-forum] wants/needs

Alan McKee a.mckee at qut.edu.au
Wed Dec 1 11:10:34 CST 2004

Hello everybody,

Just been reading some writing on public broadcasting, and I'm fascinated 
by the durability of the 'want/need' binary in critical thinking (as in 
'commercial culture encourages people to buy things they think they want, 
not what they really need'). I'm interested in what we currently think are 
real needs, and what are merely wants, in twenty first century Australia. 
If anyone has a few spare seconds, would you mind putting 'need' or 'want' 
next to the ten items on this list, and emailing it to me at 
a.mckee at qut.edu.au?

Love youse all

Alan McKee

washing machine
children's toys
bathroom cleaning products
shaving products
breakfast cereal

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