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>hi greg
>i think this just squeezes in. they'll miss the advertised date for 
>getting abstracts together, but we'd probably accept late ones if 
>people are interested...i've said for ppl to email me if that's the 
>Call for Abstracts and Registration:
>Institute of Australian Geographers Cultural Geography Study Group
>Annual conference: 'Speaking through cultural geography'
>December 2-3, 2004 University of Tasmania, Hobart.
>This two-day conference will bring together cultural geographers to 
>focus on the various ways in which 'the cultural' has enabled 
>geographical research agendas and facilitated the articulation of 
>multiple academic and non-academic voices.
>Abstracts are welcome on the following themes:
>- constructions of 'the cultural'
>- speaking out through 'the cultural': multiple voices and agendas
>- the practice of cultural geography
>- non-representational theory and 'the cultural'
>- the researcher and the researched: roles and identities in 
>cultural geographical research.
>A major aim of this conference is to provide a forum for 
>postgraduate students, academics and other researchers to discuss 
>their work and ideas in a collegiate and supportive environment. 
>Thus, participants may submit abstracts on an element of their 
>thesis topic or recent research project, irrespective of the above 
>themes. Discussion pieces or commentaries are also just as welcome 
>as papers on particular case study-based projects. Workshops are 
>planned for the second day of the conference on publishing, writing 
>and career development in cultural geography.
>Please register for the conference and/or submit your abstract 
>online at <http://www.geol.utas.edu.au/geography/iag_form.htm> by 
>Friday November 5. If submitting later than this date, please email 
>Chris Gibson at the email address below for further information.
>A link from that website also outlines accommodation options in 
>Hobart. Please contact Chris.Gibson at unsw.edu.au 
><mailto:Chris.Gibson at unsw.edu.au> or Elaine.Stratford at utas.edu.au 
><mailto:Elaine.Stratford at utas.edu.au> if you have any questions 
>about the conference.
>Dr Chris Gibson
>Senior Lecturer
>Geography Program
>Faculty of the Built Environment
>Red Centre West Wing
>University of New South Wales
>NSW 2052
>Ph: +61 2 9385 4393
>Fax: +61 2 9385 4507
>cgibson at unsw.edu.au
>Staff homepage:
>Convenor, IAG Cultural Geography Study Group
>Hon. Secretary, Geographical Society of NSW
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>Hi all
>I'm putting together the CSAA newsletter this week and wanted to know
>if there were any events that people wish to advertise in the
>newsletter - conferences, workshops, CFPs, etc
>Given that the newsletter may take 3 weeks to get out, please only
>send me details of events from no earlier than, say, mid-November.
>Include 2005 events by all means!
>Dr Greg Noble
>School of Humanities            	ph:     (02) 47 360 365
>University of Western Sydney
>C Bldg, Kingswood campus
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>Researcher, Centre for Cultural Research
>Parramatta Campus, UWS
>Co-author of Bin Laden in the Suburbs: Criminalising the Arab Other
>(Sydney Institute of Criminology, 2004)
>discussion list of the cultural studies association of australasia
>discussion list of the cultural studies association of australasia

Dr Greg Noble

School of Humanities            	ph:     (02) 47 360 365
University of Western Sydney
C Bldg, Kingswood campus
Locked Bag 1797                    	email: g.noble at uws.edu.au
Penrith South DC
NSW 1797

Researcher, Centre for Cultural Research
Parramatta Campus, UWS

Co-author of Bin Laden in the Suburbs: Criminalising the Arab Other 
(Sydney Institute of Criminology, 2004)

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