[csaa-forum] Creativity, Communication, and Cultural value

Melissa Gregg m.gregg at uq.edu.au
Fri Sep 24 09:19:31 CST 2004


you might like to explain to the list what you mean by the term
"queensland ideology" for those unfamiliar with it - the quotation marks
are pointing out that this is your own term, right? having survived the
transition to queensland without any obvious initiation rites, i'm
wondering how useful it is to promote this term amongst the otherwise
critical concerns you're talking about. i doubt whether a new generation
of researchers working in CI and cultural studies in QLD are helped by
it, and in fact many of the students here seem to me to be doing
sophisticated work in the areas you're interested in, not least because
they are negotiating and testing inherited research legacies.


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