[csaa-forum] Creativity, Communication, and Cultural value

Mireille Astore mireille at astore.id.au
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Hi Danny,

As you pointed out, women have been exploring this intersection for decades.
I, for one am currently writing about this very topic though from a
post-colonial perspective. The book "Women, Art and Society" by Whitney
Chadwick is a good start. "Complex Entanglements; Art, Globalisation and
Cultural Difference" edited by Nikkos Papastergiadis is another. There are a
lot of articles on this subject however...

Mireille Astore

On 22/9/04 12:30 PM, "Danny Butt" <db at dannybutt.net> wrote:

> I just finished " Creativity, Communication, and Cultural value" by Keith
> Negus and Michael Pickering (Sage 2004), and I wondered if anyone could
> recommend any more useful general overview books on creative practice that
> might be useful to late undergrads or early postgrads.
> I was so disappointed in the book that I can't even bring myself to write a
> review - half of it consists of warnings about the limitations of a
> sociological approach to creativity, without taking any specific writers to
> task; their epistemological references are almost universally white, male,
> and canonical; a whole chapter on "experience" - in its usual cultural
> studies guise of "that which eludes theorisation but I'll talk about it
> anyway" - that completely misses a few decades of feminist work
> foregrounding an experiential approach to cultural material; and they even
> try and rehabilitate the idea of "genius" (once again, with the "don't throw
> the baby out with the bathwater" response to feminist scholarship, rather
> than theoretical engagement). And don't get me started on the editing!
> OK, well I hadn't intended to be so critical - there are some good quotes
> and references... it just seems dangerous to let stuff like this in the
> hands of impressionable students :). Anyway I was just looking for general
> discussions of creativity  that might be useful; preferably acknowledging
> the very diverse, culturally located perspectives on creativity, and perhaps
> covering both more sociological approaches as well as the philosophy of
> aesthetics. [Maybe McRobbie's new book will be what I'm after?]
> Danny
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