[csaa-forum] Call for papers: Heteronormativity - a FruitfulConcept?

Amanda Wise amanda.wise at anu.edu.au
Tue Sep 21 17:02:10 CST 2004

> Conference to be held in Trondheim, Norway, June 2 - 4, 2005:
> Heteronormativity - A Fruitful Concept?
> Heterosexuality has been taken for granted as a normative instance in
> organizing sexual life as well as a pre-scription for how gender and
> gender relations should be practised in society. The claim that
> heterosexuality is natural has been retold through various cultural
> expressions and heterosexual discourses have been institutionalised as
> particular forms of practice in family relations, identity formations
> and working life. Research has contributed in reproducing
> heterosexuality as the dominant norm and the role of heterosexuality
> ignored in social theory despite its prominent place in public debates
> on topics like homosexuality, pregnancy and adoption. In the same way
> naturalisation of heterosexuality is ignored in reception studies of
> film, literature and other media, too.
> The goal of the conference is to challenge and explore the analytical
> potential of the concept heteronormativity. How do the theoretical
> implications of the term heteronormativityopen up for new questions?
> What are the theoretical implications and effects of heterosexual
> expectations in different contexts and historical periods? How can new
> understandings of heteronormativityhelp refine and deepen feminist
> analysis of gender relations? And can analytical tools like
> heteronormativity be utilised in the humanities and in social sciences
> alike?
> In the conference the focus will be on discussions of the potentials
> the concept of heteronormativity to generate new knowledge. This
> affects sexuality as sociocultural systems as well as discussions on
> how desire and erotic practices are structured. The dimension of
> heteronormativity as homophobia will also be addressed. In a time with
> increased attention on globalising processes we may ask how (Western)
> hegemonic narratives travel through film, literature and other media.
> What are the subversive potentials and consequences of this increased
> of mediation of heteronormative discourses? What happens to the
> counter-discourses? Heteronormativity has long been expressed and
> reproduced through the reception of film and literature. What are the
> effects of this in the constructions of the literary canons?
> The destabilisation of heteronormativity represents challenges for
> researchers in many different research fields. This conference
> interdisciplinary work as well as disciplinary based approaches from
> the social sciences and the humanities.
> Keynote Speakers:
> Stevi Jackson, Professor, University of York
> Don Kulick, Professor, University of Stockholm and New York University
> Halvor Moxnes, Professor, Universitetet i Oslo
> Lynne Segal, Professor, Birkbeck College, University of London
> Jorun Solheim, Professor
> Robyn Wiegman, Professor, Duke University
> Paper Sessions: Call for papers
> Paper sessions will be organized in two ways: open paper sessions and
> "streams". The "streams" will invite papers on the following topics:
> - Heteronormativity in the understanding and reception of film,
> literature and other media
> - Historical "texts" analysed through the lenses of heteronormativity
> - Reproduction, sexuality, desire
> - A queer gaze on masculinity
> - Intersectionality in research on normativity and plurality
> - Heteronormativity in social policies
> You are also welcome to organize a session on a specific topic
> Abstract Submission: February 15, 2005
> Early Registration: March 15, 2005
> Late Registration: May 15, 2005
> The conference is organized by Department of interdisciplinary studies
> of culture, NTNU, Norway and sponsored by The Research Council of
> Norway.
> For more information:
> http://www.hf.ntnu.no/itk/heteronormativity-2005/
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