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Tom Dawkins tomdawkins at email.com
Wed Sep 8 17:43:43 CST 2004

Non-profit youth-run media and arts organisation Vibewire Youth Services are
very pleased to announce the launch of electionTracker.net

electionTracker.net is targeted at Australians under 30 who want to
get some straightforward info to help them make an informed decision
on who they'll vote for on Saturday, 9 October (and those interested in what
Australia's under 30 think about the election issues). You'll find loads of
background info on the different political parties and their
policies, a wide variety of perspectives on key election issues as
they relate to young people, and a whole bunch of other cool &
interesting election-related stuff.

One of the most exciting aspects of the electionTracker.net project is that
four young "electionTrackers" will be travelling on the
campaign trail itself, following either John Howard or Mark Latham around
for a week, delivering important insights into the election by writing daily
articles and blogging their personal experiences. These talented young
reporters, selected from a nation-wide call for applications, will deliver
unique youth perspectives from the heart of the campaign trail, keeping a
close eye on all policy announcements that affect young people.

electionTracker.net also features discussion forums and allows readers to
have their say on the news, interviews and analysis that appear on the
website. All electionTracker content is generated by talented young writers
from all over Australia. The website also takes a humorous look at all
things election-related, on its ElectionSlacker section - a source of
satire, silliness and all sorts of light-heartedness.

There are heaps of opportunities for people to get involved, and to
get informed about the election - so check it out!



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