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Lelia GREEN l.green at ecu.edu.au
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From: Lelia GREEN 

Dear CSAA member
The next Arts Network Research sponsored event is the Creative Connections Symposium @ BEAP, which forms part of the Biennale of Electronic Arts, Perth (www.beap.org), and includes international speakers including Keynote Speaker Professor Stephen Wilson, San Francisco State University (http://userwww.sfsu.edu/~swilson/papers/wilson.cv.6.2003.pdf). Creative Connections is a one-day symposium at ECU Mount Lawley on September 4, and deals with research in diverse languages (including artistic and non-verbal ones). Registration is $110 (http://www.beap.org/2004/RegistrationForm_BEAP.pdf). I attach the flyer for Creative Connections; the proposed program and presentation abstracts are available on the web (http://arn.cci.ecu.edu.au/symposium_view.php?rec_id=0000000003). Whilst you are in the ARN site, please consider registering for membership.
We hope you will support the Creative Connections initiative and that it will help strengthen the links between arts researchers active in Perth, and those who may be visiting from further afield. 
With best wishes and hoping to see you on September 4. 
Lelia Green
Edith Cowan University
08 9370 6204 
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