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Get ready.... Get rolling... It is on again...
Following on from the successful 2003 Art of the Documentary Film 
Competition, the 5 in 3 on 1 Documentary Film Competition is on again
2004. Hosted by the ANU National Institute of the Humanities & Creative 
Arts and the National Museum of Australia, the theme of this year's 5 in
on 1 competition will be launched on Friday 17 September for a 3 week 
period, with submissions due Friday 8 October. Judges will then have one

month to decide on the winners before a variety of cash and other prizes

are announced at a special screening of the event Friday 12 November
For details and conditions visit
and get cracking....
The venue for the competition screening will be the National Museum of 
Australia in Canberra. The topic for the competition, to be announced on

the website 17 September on the competition's first day, will provide 
participants with a unique and innovative opportunity to promote the 
Nation's Capital to squarely define Canberra as an exciting and 
interactive film location containing a vibrant population. The
will be promoted nationally to new and emerging filmmakers and the
will be selected by some of Australia's most recognised national 

ter4.pdf> 1f5993d.jpg
ter4.pdf>  FilmCompPoster4.pdf

Dr.Catherine Summerhayes
Film Studies & The Centre for New Media Arts
School of Humanities
Australian National University
P: +61 2 6125 2704
F: +61 2 6125 4490
W: www.anu.edu.au/humanities
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