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Amanda Wise amanda.wise at anu.edu.au
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Body Modification: Mark II

Call for Papers

Following the great success of the first Body Modification conference in
April 2003, and the requests we have received to host another
conference, we are pleased to announce: Body Modification Mark II.

Abstracts are invited for this international conference to be held at
Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia, 21st - 23rd of April, 2005.
Abstracts should be 300-500 words and should be forwarded to Dr Nikki
Sullivan at the address listed below. Proposals for panels and for
performance pieces are welcomed. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer
any financial assistance to conference participants.

Once again, the aim of this conference is explore the many and varied
ways in which bodies are modified, selves are formed and transformed,
and culturally specific knowledges and practices are mediated and
transfigured. We hope to include a wide range of interdisciplinary
approaches to the question of what constitutes body modification, as
well as performative and visual presentations.  

Possible topics:
	*	'non-mainstream' body modification (tattooing, piercing,
scarification, branding, etc)
	*	body sculpting (corsetry, dieting, body-building,
binding, constriction, negation, elongation, etc)
	*	performance art
	*	body politics
	*	transformative rituals
	*	body modification in non-Western cultures and/or in
other historical epochs
	*	transgender and/or transsexualism; intersex
	*	cosmetic surgery
	*	fatness; anorexia; eating
	*	technology and the body (enhancement technologies,
cyborgs, nanotechnology, reproductive technologies, transplants,
implants, cloning, ethics, etc)
	*	virtual bodies
	*	'self-mutilation'
	*	fashion
	*	illness; pain
	*	sadomasochism; fetishes; bodies and pleasures
	*	pregnant embodiment
	*	the racialization of the body; hybrid bodies
	*	monstrosity; the normalization of 'deformed' bodies
	*	ageing
	*	addiction
	*	reading/writing the body
	*	intercorporeality
	*	war; violence; torture; terrorism; imprisonment

Deadline for abstracts: 1st November, 2004

Further information:
Body Modification Conference Committee
Department of Critical and Cultural Studies 
Macquarie University 
North Ryde
New South Wales 2109

Email: bodmod at scmp.mq.edu.au 
Phone: + 61 (0)2 9850 8760

Website: www.ccs.mq.edu.au/bodmod 
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