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Mobile Histories
A special issue of Southern Review

Call for papers (apologies for cross-posting)

Southern Review is publishing a special issue on histories of mobile
communication in July 2005.

We are calling for papers which aim to provide longer-term
perspectives on the emergence of mobile communications, or which
describe and explain the cultural, economic and political dimensions
of mobile communications through specific historical contexts.

We encourage proposals for papers concerned with:

-The emergence of mobile telephony as a new medium;
-The development of legal, regulatory, and ethical systems and
software for managing mobile content and applications;
- The evolving relations between mobile telephony and other media,
including fixed line telephony, television, and the Internet;
- Comparative studies of mobile communications in different cultural
and social contexts;
- Longer-term social, political and cultural consequences of mobile
telephony; and
-Histories of mobile telephony design, software and system architecture

Further information
1. The deadline for paper proposals is 31 October 2004. Please email
a brief outline of your paper to either jthomas at swin.edu.au or
g.goggin at uq.edu.au
2. The deadline for submitted articles is 15 April 2005. Please email
your paper to either jthomas at swin.edu.au or g.goggin at uq.edu.au
3. The maximum length of articles is 6,000 words. Please follow the
style guide at http://www.informit.com.au/library

About Southern Review
Southern Review is an interdisciplinary journal focussing on the
connections between communication and politics. Since its inception
in 1963, Southern Review has been interested in communication and
cultural technologies - their histories, producers, policies and
texts. It welcomes articles that connect these areas either to arenas
of legislative or parliamentary politics or to broader negotiations
of power. Sample articles from the current volume of Southern Review
can be viewed at http://www.informit.com.au/library

Gerard Goggin and Julian Thomas

Dr Gerard Goggin
Australian Research Fellow
Centre for Critical and Cultural Studies, University of Queensland
Brisbane 4072 Qld Australia
m: 0428 66 88 24
e: g.goggin at uq.edu.au or gg at gerardgoggin.net
website: http://www.cccs.uq.edu.au/
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