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Dr Susan Yell sue.yell at arts.monash.edu.au
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Hi all

Here is our call for papers for our next theme issue of Southern Review.
Contributions welcome - please contact Philip Dearman or Robert Briggs

Sue Yell

Call for Papers

Southern Review: Communication, Politics & Culture
Special Issue, 37.3, 2004

Manufacturing Consent?

Editors:  Robert Briggs and Philip Dearman
Monash University, Gippsland Campus

How can consent be theorised today? What, for instance, are the
contemporary means or conditions for manufacturing consent? What is the
role of media rhetoric and practice in the formation of consent? What is
the place of consent in advanced liberal democracies, or in other
non-liberal geo-political contexts? What are the relations between
consent and consensus in political or governmental processes? How
essential is consent or consensus to the operations of contemporary
politics and of global politics in particular? Can consent be gained on
a supra-national level? Or must it be conceived, at every level, as
unstable and ineffective, as no longer relevant to the study of
democracy in its many forms?

And what of past theories of consent and consensus, such as the one
bound to a notion of “hegemony”? In what ways do contemporary events —
“September 11”, “Iraq”, “Tampa”, “Madrid” — invite us to return to and
to reconsider such theories and their place (or otherwise) within
communication studies, as part (or not) of the history of the

Southern Review invites theoretically informed discussions (4000-6000
words) of the contemporary forms, places, functions and possibilities of
consent for the 2004 special issue, “Manufacturing Consent?”. Papers may
be submitted as attachments to an email, and should be double-spaced in
A4 format and accompanied by an abstract (maximum 100 words).
Referencing is author-date (notes for contributors and full details of
house style are available on request).

The general aim of Southern Review, an interdisciplinary journal, is to
focus on the connections between communication and politics. Southern
Review is interested in communication and cultural technologies, their
histories, producers and audiences, policies and texts. Articles are
welcomed which connect these either to arenas of legislative or
parliamentary politics, or to broader negotiations of power.

robert.briggs at arts.monash.edu.au
philip.dearman at arts.monash.edu.au

Full articles due: July 30, 2004.

Dr Susan Yell
Head, Communications & Writing
School of Humanities, Communications & Social Sciences
Monash University
Gippsland Campus, Churchill, VIC 3842

ph. 61 3 5122 6442 or 9902 6442
fax 61 3 5122 6359 or 9902 6359
email sue.yell at arts.monash.edu.au

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