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Melissa Gregg m.gregg at uq.edu.au
Wed Mar 31 11:14:45 CST 2004

hi list, and welcome to the many (many!) new subscribers that have
joined since our recent changeover. i hope you'll be vocal and
provocative discussants! please feel very welcome to introduce topics
and ideas. something i'm wondering about at the moment is the impact of
HECS increases (and other policy matters to do with funding) - what's
happening at different unis? where's the money going? how do staff feel
about it? how do students feel about it? were the protests surprising/
predictable? what kind of student or teaching environment will the new
funding structures encourage? and how will cultural studies adapt to
that? something i remember being raised in a session at the christchurch
CSAA conference was the need for a forum to discuss mundane issues to do
with academic employment - do take advantage of the number of colleagues
this list draws together to swap notes and strategies (internationally
as well).

i'm also interested to know some of the reasons people are joining the
forum list from outside the university, and what issues are important
for us to talk about at the moment. it's an election year after all! so
do speak up.

but mostly this email is to highlight that a number of members are
falling off the radar of my current email contact list. for some people
this is evidently related to change of job/institution etc. if you have
changed addresses recently or know of others who have taken up new
positions and are likely to want to stay on the list, please let them/
me know so that details can be updated.

all for now...

Melissa Gregg
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Centre for Critical and Cultural Studies
4th Floor, Forgan Smith Tower
University of Queensland Australia 4072

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